The Value of Travel Agents

The Value of Travel Agents

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With hundreds of travel apps and websites selling travel packages, do you still need a travel agent?
Lately, you probably have heard people saying that with hundreds of travel apps and websites selling travel packages, they don’t need travel agents anymore. Well, far from it. You see, they are mistaking what travel agents do for ‘just booking’.

Below we have a few reasons why you still need your travel agent/consultant.

Travel Agents Know the Best Pricing Mix

Biased Displays on Websites – Are you getting the best deals online? Probably not! No travel supplier website will tell you that their competitor has a better deal. They display what they think will get them more customers.

Travel Agents Never Exaggerate

Raising customer expectations just to land a deal is a normal tactic for online booking sites. Travel agents would rather create an honest personal relationship with their clients in order to attract repeat business.

Travel Agents Know Stuff

They know that;
  • Every resort, cruise ship, and hotel have a crappy room.
  • The tiny smelly rooms are always cheaper than the newly renovated ones. They most likely have visited the destination themselves.
  • Rooms overlooking the dumpster are cheaper than those overlooking the beach.
  • On a cruise ship, cabins located below the all-night dance club are cheap compared to the tranquil cabins where you will get some good night’s sleep
  • The hidden daily resort fees, taxes and surcharges ultimately take more of your money than the actual booking. Your agents will advise you accordingly.

Travel Agents Have the Expertise

  • They deal with travel stuff every day and thus understand the tricks, the traps, and the details. They can differentiate the real deal from the rip-off.
  • They continuously learn new trends in the travel industry. Travel agents attend webinars, travel events, and hands-on training to learn things such as new visa rules, air miles deals, modern travel apps etc.
  • They know that websites and apps are built to make everything look beautiful and sexy, and this is not always the case.

Travel Agents Have Connections

  • Travel agencies’ clients always have a fallback when things go awry. In contrast, once a person books on the internet, they are on their own.
  • Travel agents build lasting relationships with airlines, resorts, cruise ship crews, hotels, restaurants, government visa offices, travel insurers, travel guides, and many more. Due to these relationships, clients will always be well taken care of.
  • According to a recent industry study, travel agencies provide about 85% of all business to travel suppliers. The suppliers appreciate the value of their partners.

Travel Agents Give Awesome Advice and Guide

  • Agents don’t just find the deal. They also make sure it is the right deal, for the right price, in the right destination.
Well, now you know. Don’t listen to the people telling you that you do not need a travel advisor/consultant. Even the most travelled people are not on the road more than 100 days per year and thus cannot claim expertise in the industry. Contrastingly, travel consultants sell travel for a living and will, therefore, go out of their way to make sure your business or vacation trip is smooth.

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